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Welcome to Oilpro Jobs!

The oil & gas industry has a new recruiting platform. Thousands of new members join Oilpro everyday. We welcome you to the community and encourage you to take advantage of our free and premium services.

Recruit for Free:

Oilpro is a professional network. You never have to pay to contact people you know (your connections) or people that are interested in you (your followers). Any member of Oilpro can post a job. Free job postings are listed below our Featured Jobs. Free job postings in combination with our Job Bots are the reason why Oilpro is the largest job site in the industry. You can also have your job posting visible in your connections and followers Oilpro Feed. The larger your network, the more visibility your jobs have in the Feed.

To maximize Oilpro as a free resource, grow your network as large as possible. We suggest that you connect to people you know, and follow people you are interested in. You can message anyone that you are connected to, or anyone that is following you.

Recruiters with 200 or more followers are eligible for a listing in the Recruitment Directory. Within the Recruitment Directory, industry professionals and can find you based on the skills you are recruiting for.

Build your network in 5 minutes (or less) with our LinkedIn import, address book importer, or email invitation tools.

Using the primary navigation at the top of the Oilpro site, hover over the “Jobs” menu item. Then, click the “Recruitment Center” menu item and click the “Post a Job” button.

Please provide as much information as possible. The more information about your position our recruitment staff has, the better they can match up qualified and available candidates.

Oilpro is fully integrated with several major job distribution services including Broadbean and eQuest. We can also accommodate custom ATS systems. Our development team is standing-by to integrate with your back-end system to make posting jobs fully automated. Contact us today to discuss the best option for you.

All job postings are queued for approval by our staff. We review job postings for completeness and to ensure the job posting is applicable to the Oilpro audience. Your job posting will normally be approved within one hour but may take up to 24 hours. After a few job postings, Oilpro may upgrade your account to allow your job postings to skip our approval process.

You have several options when it comes to receiving applications. You can choose to review your applications online in your Recruitment Center. You can also specify an email address to have applications delivered to. You will receive a cover letter, Word resume (if required by your job), and a link to the candidate’s comprehensive Oilpro profile. Oilpro can also redirect applicants to your website and accompanying applicant tracking system.

We understand how frustrating it can be to receive applicants that are not qualified for your position. One of the many ways we help to prevent unqualified applicants is through a series of optional questions during the application process. At your discretion, you can filter applicants by work authorization country, languages spoken, years of industry experience, and several other filters. All of these options are available on the “Post a Job” page. Try out an Oilpro job posting today.

Oilpro’s premium services include email notifications to qualified candidates, your organization and jobs highlighted in the jobs section of Oilpro, and your jobs featured in the Oilpro Feed. In addition, your organization will be assigned a Oilpro Talent Advisor. Our Talent Advisors pride themselves on having the best service in the industry. Furthermore, paid subscribers receive access to our advanced candidate search tool to help you search the Oilpro membership in unprecedented ways.

With virtually every oil & gas recruitment firm and corporation represented on Oilpro, this is your chance to elevate your organization above the competition. For more details visit the products and pricing page.

Oilpro is the professional network for the oil & gas industry. Oilpro members include onshore and offshore professionals. The skillsets of our members range from drillers, engineers and geoscientists to executives, accountants, and supply chain managers.


We provide two search engines to find Oilpro members:

1. Free Search – We are constantly improving the free profile search available at profiles. Search by keyword, location, and more.

2. Candidate Search – With a premium package, recruiters have access to one of the most advanced search engines in the industry. With the Oilpro Candidate Search, you can search by fields such as oil & gas projects worked on, rigs and vessels served on, current or previous employer, a member’s temperament (actively or passively seeking), skills, work history, certifications, years experience and much more. Contact us today for a free demonstration.

Your Recruitment Center allows you to edit, inactivate, delete, or post jobs. Each job posting row exposes an “action” button, with options to view applicants, view the job, or deactivate the job.


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With Your Recruitment Center, you can manage your active, pending and inactive job postings. If you have an inactive job, it can be reactivated under the “action” button.


For Pro Subscription holders, a recruiter can message candidates directly from a Candidate Search results page. To the right of each candidate, simply click on the “message” button, type your personal message and press send. These messages can be managed in the your Message Center.

Job applicants can be messaged directly from Your Recruitment Center. View applicants under a job posting’s corresponding “action” button. From here, you can message job applicants.

There are several reasons your search may have returned zero results. It is possible that there are currently no candidates in your job category, or your search may have been too narrow. We recommend that you alter your search criteria with fewer refinements.


Job Notification Emails are an exclusive feature for subscribers. Once your job is approved, a Talent Advisor will utilize Oilpro’s proprietary software to match your position to qualified and available professionals via email.


A job credit can be used to post one job. Once the job is posted, the credit is used. A job slot is a more flexible option for recruiters. With a job slot you can remove a job and add a new job at no additional charge. Think of job slots like parking spots. If you have 10 slots, you can park up to 10 jobs at a time. As some jobs leave their spots, you can park new ones in their place.


All recruiters with 200 or more followers are eligible to be listed on the exclusive Recruiter Directory. This directory highlights specific recruitment specialties, current job openings, and more. Both active and passive candidates utilize this directory to follow recruiters that specialize in their discipline and skills, as well as from companies they want to work for.

A premier company page will set your organization apart from the other company pages on Oilpro. Only available with an annual corporate subscriptions. Premier Company pages are ideal for the recruiting company or corporate employer with a desire to gain additional exposure for their open positions. Showcase your company, employees, projects and jobs to potential candidates.

See the Tenaris Premier Company Page as an example. Contact us today to start branding your business as a leader on Oilpro.