How to Get Back in Shape After 40 Using a Holistic Approach

Posted on December 23, 2021

Looking to get back in shape after 40? Using a holistic approach may be the best way to create and keep the body you crave.

It’s crucial to look at all aspects of what makes you your current size.

Your beliefs, genes, and environment all affect your body weight.

Taking an all-inclusive line of attack will help you reach the healthiest weight for you.

Using a holistic attitude to get back in shape after 40 will be less difficult than focusing on exercise and calorie consumption alone.

Adjust your beliefs, behavior, and lifestyle, maintain physical fitness, stay positive, and eat a healthy diet.

To increase the odds of weight loss, join a formal weight loss program.

Committing to a fitness program will give you more accountability, which will encourage you to take action and stick to the challenge.

Here’s what else you need to know — and do — to get back in shape after 40.

Beliefs Affect Your Weight

Have you heard people say that just looking at a cake makes them gain weight?

Observing high-calorie foods won’t make you gain weight, but as absurd as it sounds, how calorific you believe the foods you eat does have an effect.

One study illustrates the point. People who were told the shakes provided during the experiment had a large calorie content put on more weight than subjects who drank similar shakes.

The difference? Those who assumed their shakes were designed for weight loss didn’t pile on as many pounds, because they didn’t expect to do so.

If you consume calorie-laden snacks and think you will put on weight, your beliefs might actually have an impact.

Thus, don’t build guilt when you treat yourself to fattening foods.

Remorse about calories consumed won’t aid weight loss. It could do the opposite.

Enjoy treats in moderation, and don’t dwell on the calorie content, as it will strengthen the idea you’ll get fat.

Your beliefs also influence weight loss in another way.

If you reason you can’t help putting on pounds due to genetics, you’re unlikely to maintain a healthy weight.

You won’t put enough effort into losing weight because you don’t imagine it will make a difference.

Examine what you think and decide whether or not it’s helpful.

If it isn’t, use constructive affirmations to change your view.

Above all, maintain a positive can-do attitude.


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