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    Mental Fitness Kitbag - Course Introduction
  2. Case Study - Polly's Mental Fitness Story - THE PERFECT STORM - Introduction
    Case Study 1 - Polly's Mental Fitness Story - THE PERFECT STORM - Part 1
  4. Lesson 1 Tell Your Story
  5. Exercise 1
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    Case Study 2 - Polly's Mental Fitness Story - THE PERFECT STORM - Part 2
  7. Lesson 2 - Navigate Your Journey
  8. Exercise 2
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  9. Module 3 - Nurture Your Wellbeing
    Case Study 3 - Polly's Mental Fitness Story - THE PERFECT STORM - Part 3
  10. Lesson 3 - Nurture Your Wellbeing
  11. Exercise 3
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  12. MODULE 4 - Choose Your Midset
    Case Study 4 - Polly's Mental Fitness Story - THE PERFECT STORM - Part 4
  13. Lesson 4 - Choose Your Mindset
  14. Exercise 4.1
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  15. Exercise 4.2
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  16. Module 5 - Build Your Resilience
    Case Study 5 - Polly's Mental Fitness Story - THE PERFECT STORM - Part 5
  17. Lesson 5 - Build You Resilience
  18. Exercise 5
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    Case Study 6 - Polly's Mental Fitness Story - THE PERFECT STORM - Part 6
  20. Lesson 6 - Take Your Action
  21. Exercise 6
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    Case Study 7 - Polly's Mental Fitness Story - THE PERFECT STORM - Part 7
  23. Lesson 7 - Celebrate Your Success
  24. Exercise 7
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    Case Study 8 - Polly's Mental Fitness Story - THE PERFECT STORM - Part 8
  26. Lesson 8 - Build Your Team
  27. Exercise 8
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    Case Study 9 - Polly's Mental Fitness Story - THE PERFECT STORM - Part 9
  29. Lesson 9 - Embrace Your Adventure
  30. Exercise 9
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    Case Study - Polly's Mental Fitness Story - THE PERFECT STORM - Finale
  32. Course Conclusion
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Case Study – Polly’s Mental Fitness Story – THE PERFECT STORM – Finale

Case Study Example

Watch the video, to hear Polly’s story as an example….

So why am I calling this chapter of my life THE PERFECT STORM?

Here’s the thing, if you think about it, if you take a snow globe and shake it up, it’s crazy and it’s mad. You can’t see anything. You lose clarity and vision at the centre of things.

But when the snow settles… and the snowflakes land, it’s calmer, clearer and less complicated.

This is what happens in the perfect storm. You ride the storm. The moments where it’s difficult to see clears eventually. You work out where you are at and you can see what you need to see.

So sit with the perfect storm when it comes your way knowing that things will settle and you will get through because your success so far at surviving difficult days is 100%

So here we are at 2020. I have become my own coach. I’ve taken myself on a wee journey of discovery. I’ve learned to walk the talk, to strengthen my mental fitness along the way. It’s a year of milestones in my professional life. I celebrate 25 years as an experienced mental health clinician within the NHS. Adventurous Coaching celebrates its 5 year anniversary.

So far, my adventures have taken me on an epic road trip. I’ve developed as a coach and as a sole trader. I’ve developed some entrepreneurial skills, worked with inspiring and inspiring clients from all walks of life. Clients who have sought me out seem to come from all over the world; from Manhattan to India, New Zealand to China and the Middle East to Cape Verde. Scotland, England and Ireland. Does that make me a global coach?

Along the way there have been transformations, inspirational stories and creative solutions. It’s a privilege I get to walk the journey with someone side by side, sometimes at their most vulnerable while they challenge themselves and change their lives.

I have created coaching adventures; from coaching by the campfire, bike adventures in Italy, retreats both home and in foreign lands, along with team building events in the wilderness. I’ve worked with transitioning military veterans, young adults, forward thinking CEO’s, parents, and business professionals.

At the end of the day, we all suffer from a condition called BEING HUMAN and regardless of status, we are all the same. It’s wonderful to help people discover that they can have fun while they work out how to have more, be more and do more. I believe whilst pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Thriving doesn’t have to hurt.

Alongside the 1:1 coaching and mental fitness workshops, I find myself being interviewed by the media and speaking at events. This gives me the opportunity to share inspirational stories which I’ve had a part to play in. Who knows where this will take me next?

I just love how I am going to allow the life of Polly Brennan and Adventurous Coaching to unfold in wonderful ways.

So why am I sharing this story with you …you might be asking …and in truth I am too!

Other people’s stories can bring us hope and courage and they usually remind us of valuable lessons we already know but just need to be reminded. Things that we already learned that we just need to take heed of.

My best hope is by sharing this, by telling you about my perfect storm, it will remind you that if you are facing a challenge or if life is filled with ups and downs right now… your biggest challenge could also be your biggest opportunity!

So what’s the opportunity for you?