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Energy Titans is the professional network for the energy sector built specifically for knowledge sharing.

Oilpro is the professional network for oil & gas built specifically for knowledge sharing. With Oilpro, you can stay informed on the latest news and trends, interact with your peers, and share your hard won experience and expertise.

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The Oilpro profile is customized for you as an oil & gas professional and super rich. You will find all the basics that every profile has but you will also find several golden nuggets found nowhere else. For example, you can showcase your posts and questions you’ve answered. You can also highlight the specific oil & gas projects you have worked on. Any endorsements you receive are highly visible and you can be sure that your endorsements are coming from fellow oil and gas enthusiasts… you are on Oilpro.


Dedicated to the Energy Sector

We have all heard it a million times, and it is so true. People and relationships are what make our business go round. It is hard to maintain connections and contact with old colleagues. While other sites offer you the ability to connect to people you know (eg – FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter), none of them are industry specific. We think the oil and gas industry is important and deserves its own unique networking site – Oilpro.com. Find industry pros you already know.

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Get published with no strings attached. Oilpro is a community of industry professionals sharing their wisdom and experiences. With Oilpro, you can easily write a post and publish it for the world to consume. It is time for us to start sharing our experiences, expertise, and knowledge today to ensure better oilfields tomorrow.


The ultimate O&G; knowledge sharing system

We are really excited about the question and answer system. Our goal is to create a massive, free, and centralized database of oil and gas knowledge in a question and answer format. Anyone can ask a question and anyone can answer. As an industry expert, you can share your knowledge with the community and see your answers become accepted and “liked”. This could really be an educational game changer and we hope you will try and participate. Oh yeah… your answers are displayed on your profile. Cool. Check out Oilpro’s Q&A;


“I worked on the…”

We know you have never seen this before. Imagine a free, online database of oil and gas projects, offshore rigs, land rigs, OSVs, marine construction equipment, etc. Now imagine that instead of simply stating you worked for Chevron (which you can do on Oilpro), you could connect to the physical equipment and fields that you worked on. Now stop imagining. We built it for you. For example, you were a driller on the Discoverer Inspiration. Simply find the Transocean Discoverer Inspiration on Oilpro, state your role on the rig, and instantly get credit for the work you did as well as connect with colleagues you worked with. Add pictures, stories, and experiences you had aboard the facility, and browse content your peers are posting as well. We think you are going to love this functionality and look forward to getting your feedback.  Search and Join Projects and Equipment

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Oilpro Jobs is a free resource for all oil & gas professionals to explore and discover new job opportunities. We created a system that makes finding and applying to oil & gas opportunities easy and effective. Search jobs by keyword, skill, location or employer to find the best job for you.  Search the latest job opportunities

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